A Comparison of Three Models of the Best Motorcycle Helmet

If you own a motorcycle, then a motorcycle helmet is an absolute necessity. In fact, it’s against the law in most states to not wear one!

Time and time again, motorcycle helmets have saved lives. This is why it’s so important that you research them before you make a purchase. You want to choose the best motorcycle helmet for your comfort and safety. 

In this article, we will provide you with the information and details that you will need to make an informed decision on choosing the best motorcycle helmet

We will provide you with three reliable products from Amazon that will give you an idea of what’s available to you in terms of comfort, reliability and affordability.

How Much Can It Handle?

Obviously, one of the most important things to look at when purchasing the best motorcycle helmet is it’s durability. You want to know that your head is protected as much as it can be! 

Although it’s great to find a motorcycle helmet with the best deal for your wallet, it’s crucial to keep in mind durability and safety. Ideally, finding a helmet for a bargain deal AND with the necessary safety mechanisms is the goal. 

Bell Rogue Open Face Harley Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet-Matte Black/Small

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet-LG, Matte Black

Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet-Medium, Matte Black

Style and Design

Technology and Advantages


Safety and Protection

Our Pick: Top 3 Best Motorcycle Helmet 2016

Let's Take A Look At The Three Motorcycle Helmets from Amazon.com

1.Bell Rogue Open Face Harley Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet-Matte Black/Small

This model is the highest in price of the three helmets. One great thing going for this particular model is an excellent customer review. The customer had a motorcycle accident and experienced the durability of the Bell Rogue helmet first hand. If you search through the Amazon motorcycle helmet reviews on the Bell Rogue, you will easily find it. It fully protected his head from harm

This 2013, DOT certified helmet is fitted with a durable and adjustable muzzle that provides great rider comfort and shielding against wind friction, cold and bugs. The helmet and muzzle has a soft plush lining that is removable liner for easy cleaning. Speaker pockets allow you to listen to your favorite tunes during road trips.

This fantastic helmet is fitted with a FidLock magnetic connection that allows you to easily put your muzzle on and release the muzzle. You simply slide your helmet over your head and interlink the magnetic fitting for complete protection. To remove the helmet, you can simply loosen the magnetic strap after which the muzzle will fall right open and slide your helmet back off.

2.BILT Techno Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet-LG, Matte Black

The BILT Techno helmet stands out from the other two helmets. It has technological advances that many motorcycle helmets don’t have. It has cellular phone communication and capabilities, MP3 audio options and intercom technology that works between rider to rider or rider to passenger.

The Hi—tech injection polycarbonate shell will not only protect your head but also your face during an accident. The BILT shatterproof wind shield is fitted with an inner sun shield and a firm chin bar protects your face. This functional helmet has a DWO-3 Bluetooth system that allows you to communicate on mobile or play MP3 audio files.

The helmet should fit firmly around your head when it is new. You can simply slide your helmet on and off easily and has a chin buckle that is easy to fasten and has quick release ability. The helmet’s Bluetooth and intercom can be activated with the click of a button on the outer side of the helmet and the shield and sun shield is easy to lift and lowered even if you are wearing gloves.

3.Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet-Medium, Matte Black

The Duke Helmet stands out from the the BILT and the Bell Rogue because of it’s uniquely designed, aerodynamic shape. This comes with a lot of advantages that involves riding, comfort, ventilation and protection.

The hypo-allergic nylon liners are soft and provide the needed shock absorbing abilities and are removable so you can clean them as often as needed. The helmet has 7 point ventilation and includes a clear and tinted visor for wind and sun protection. You can choose from five different sizes but sadly, only one color.

This top rated helmet should fit tightly around your head when you slide it on. Once on you can fasten the chin strap for reclining protection. The clear and tinted visors are easy to lift or lower thanks to the lever on the side of the helmet. A quick release strap gives you the flexibility to remove the helmet quickly if needed.

Four Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle Helmet

  • Style and Design
  • Technology and Advantages
  • Ventilation
  • Safety and Protection

Style and Design

Many people enjoy shopping for their motorcycle helmets because of the style, fashion and designs. Helmets offer fun and quirky fashion statements just like any other garment. Have you joined motorcycle group? It's likely that they have a particular style that will stand out to you.

  • Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Gun Metal / Small

The Bell Rogue comes in the colors of matte black, black, matte gunmetal and black with grey. It is open face so it would be wise to wear sunglasses for eye protection. The style is reminiscent of vintage military helmets. This is popular among many of the hardcore Harley riders. 

As for other design elements, it has a light weight shell that comes with a removable interior. (The interior is machine wash safe.)

It also comes with a durable muzzle that is designed to fit the rider comfortably. It’s adjustable and has a magnetic connection that provides effortless application and removal. 

  • BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet - LG, Matte Black

The BILT Techno helmet is available in many colors. You can choose matte black, black, Day Glo (yellow), silver or white. If you don’t prefer the flat, matte finishes, the other colors are created with high quality, metallic paint that is coated with a double lacquer. This gives it an incredibly stylish shine. 

It isn’t an open face helmet so it comes with a clear face shield. As for the helmet shape, it’s formed with a molded polycarbonate shell that fits comfortably on the rider’s head.

  • Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Medium, Matte Black

This helmet is only offered in the matte black color. However, it offers a different shape than the BILT and Bell Rogue motorcycle helmets. It has an aerodynamic shell that is built and constructed with a high tech, light weight, composite poly-alloy material. 

Honestly, the helmet looks like something you would see in the superhero costumes. It’s pretty cool and offers tons of points in the style and fashion realm. 

It also has a removable liner that is machine wash safe. There are soft cheek pads that offer extreme ease and comfort for the rider’s face. They’re made with a hypo-allergenic nylon, so if you’re cursed with many material allergens, this helmet would be your friend. 

Our pick for Style and Design

When it comes to the most stylish of the three helmets, we have to award the winning title to the Duke Helmet. How many people wouldn't want to look like a superhero while riding through the wind on their motorcycle?

Technology and Advantages

When you're shopping for a great motorcycle helmet, you may be looking for certain advantages that other people aren't looking for. Some people are more concerned with safety while others want a specific color. How about other details that helmets have? Like Bluetooth capabilities or intercom abilities?

Let's take a look at the different advantages and technical advances that each Amazon motorcycle helmet has to offer. We will share which one we believe to have the best technological advances at the end of the topic.

  • Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Gun Metal / Small

In concern for technology details, the Bell Rogue is fairly basic. Although it does have speaker pockets.

  • BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet - LG, Matte Black

The BILT Techno, obviously from its title, has a lot of technological advances. In fact, it's one of the most technologically advance helmets that the company has ever designed and created. This helmet has incredible Bluetooth technology that makes it easier to make phone calls with that use of your hands. How cool is it that your motorcycle helmet could sync with any Bluetooth device?

It has intercom technology that allows you to enjoy conversations with other riders or passengers while cruising down the highway. This means that you can pair your BILT Techno helmet with other Techno helmets.

Obviously, thanks to the Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy phone conversations while cruising down the highway. It has GPS navigation instructions and technologies that help you find the places you want to go.

If you love music, podcasts and such, it has MP3 connectivity.

  • Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Medium, Matte Black

The Duke Helmet, sadly, doesn't have any technological details or advantages such as Bluetooth capabilities or intercom systems.

Our pick for Technology and Advantages

When it comes to the most stylish of the three helmets, we have to award the winning title to the Duke Helmet. How many people wouldn't want to look like a superhero while riding through the wind on their motorcycle?


Another major detail that should be considered when motorcycle helmet shopping is about ventilation. You want to ensure that the helmet will fit your head properly and comfortably, but that you can also breathe in it.

Product Image


The Bell Rogue is an open face cruiser helmet. It doesn't need any more ventilation than that. It offers a comfortable fit that makes it easy to get air to the face and head.

The BILT Techno has a chin mounted ventilation system that allows airflow through an open and close option. It has a separate flip down, tinted sun visor that helps to keep the face and head cool from the high heat of the sun.

It also has a metal mesh exhaust vents in the rear.

The Duke Helmet has them beat in the ventilation department. It has seven points of ventilation! The vents are located in the chin, forehead and rear areas of the head and face.

The Duke Helmet also comes with two visors: one that is clear and the other that is tinted. This is beneficial for cloudy days and sunny days.

There’s no doubt that the Duke Helmet is the best helmet for ventilation and air. If you’re someone that gets claustrophobic easily, this is the best helmet for you!

Safety and Protection

The obvious reason you're shopping for a motorcycle helmet is for safety and protection purposes. You need the insurance that should you become involved in a motorcycle accident that the helmet will protect you from brain damage and even death.

Always choose the helmet that offers the highest potential in safety and protection. Fashion, style and looks are fun but don't let that be the main reason for choosing a motorcycle helmet.

  • Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Gun Metal / Small

The Bell Rogue comes with an impressive five year warranty. So, if at any time, you aren't satisfied or feel safe with the Bell Rogue helmet, you can return it and get your money back as long as it's within the five year time frame.

It's certified DOT.

Let's not forget that one customer boasted about this helmet in an Amazon review. He had the unfortunate event of getting involved in a motorcycle accident. He described in great detail of how his head hit the pavement, the helmet gave the sensation of a "springy" experience. He stated that it had just enough padding to not make it painful. It protected his head from all harm.

Keep in mind that this helmet doesn't have a face guard or shield. When this particular customer hit the ground, he stated that the back of his head hit the pavement. Regardless of the position, it's comforting to know that the helmet held up to its standards.

  • BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet - LG, Matte Black

Now, just because this helmet has everything technological that you could want, don't mistake that for it having little to no road protection. When reviewing the motorcycle helmet reviews on Amazon, there were two people that experienced motorcycle accidents while wearing the BILT Techno helmet. They both lived to tell about it and boasted greatly about this spectacular helmet.

One customer explained that he wrecked his motorcycle while traveling at 50 mph. He explained that his head and neck came out just fine and that the helmet had proven its worth. The helmet earned road rash but it protected him from head and neck injury and possibly death.

Another customer explained that he wrecked his motorcycle at 35 mph. He boasted proudly that the BILT Techno gave him protection and lived up to its standard. He claimed that when his head hit the pavement that it felt like it was "landing on a bed of pillows". (Keep in mind that he described the rest of his body hitting the pavement.) Even better? He said that the Bluetooth technology was still working!

It meets and exceeds the DOT standards and regulations.

  • Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Medium, Matte Black

It meets and exceeds the DOT standards.

The Duke Helmet also has some spectacular survival stories in the customer reviews. One person explained that he wrecked his motorcycle while travelling at 65 mph! His helmet hit the pavement but saved his life.

Another person was travelling at 70 mph when they wrecked their motorcycle. The helmet got scuffed and tore up but the person walked away from it. That's incredible!

For speeds that high, it's remarkable that the Duke Helmet was able to save these people's lives. Even better? The Duke Helmet has the lowest price on Amazon out of the three we are reviewing.

Our pick for Safety and Protection

All of these helmets are excellent when it comes to safety and protection. They've all been proven to save lives. However, if we had to choose the overall best helmet, it would have to be the BILT Techno. Not only does it have high durability and strength but it keeps you in touch with the rest of the world while cruising down the highway


Hopefully, this guide has helped you in determining which motorcycle helmet would be the best for you. Overall, we believe that the BILT Techno offers the best, all-around choice in the three Amazon helmets. It comes with the mega protection and reviews, the advanced technological details and abilities, the awesome color options and choices and it’s not the highest in price but also not the lowest. 

These are the qualities that you want in a good motorcycle helmet. The tech stuff is just an added bonus. 

As for safety and protection standards, the Bell Rogue and Duke helmets are also excellent. But let’s face it: the BILT has them beat all around!

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